Urban Decay Distortion Eyeshadow Palette

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A special palette created by Urban Decay.

Customize your own trippy duotone shadows with our shade-morphing Distortion Eyeshadow Palette. Layer the shadows in the top row over any of the other shades—and watch them instantly transform into shifty, multidimensional hues.

This isn’t your average eyeshadow palette. We arranged the colors in vertical trios; use them together or mix and match to create your own combinations. With 10 shades (nine are new!) and five transformer hues, you’ll never run out of options. The transformer shades in the top row are reflective pigments with different shifts. Wear the 10 traditional shades in the middle and bottom row alone or with the shifter shades on top.

Wait until you start experimenting with the shades. Standouts include Shifty (a green shift that creates some really cool effects), First Offense (a killer metallic orange), and Blackout (our blackest black matte—the only shade that isn’t new, because it’s the best black matte there is!). Every shade provides insane payout, feels velvety and blends easily.

With how huge cocktailing has become, Wende had the brilliant idea to take the trend to the next level—with a palette that enables shadow junkies to create their own shades. There’s nothing else like Distortion Eyeshadow Palette! We haven’t added up