Max Factor X CC Colour Corrector Stick, Purple / Corrects Dullness

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Targeted colour correction.

Easy blend concealer brightens skin and banishes dullness

Counteracts sallow and yellow areas on the skin, banishing dullness to create flawless skin

Use to precisely conceal and correct and form the perfect base for foundation

Lilac to balance out yellow toned colour flaws

Precision crayon shape to easily target specific areas of the skin

Balmy formula perfectly blends

Pencil twists up for easy application

Step 1: When applying Colour Corrector Sticks, position your face in balanced lighting daylight is best. Avoid lighting that casts shadows on the face

Step 2: Use the crayon to apply directly over the area that requires colour correction

Step 3: Gently pat onto the skin and blend at the edges

Step 4: When all areas of the face have been colour corrected, apply Max Factor CC Cream for a flawless base, or directly apply foundation