Guerlain Meteorites CC Glow - Color Correcting Highlighter

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WOW effective item, HARD to find in the reigon 

Color correcting highlighter

A complexion corrector capable of effectively neutralizing minor skin tone flaws.

What it does: Each color has a specific correcting property.

Green helps to neutralize redness; pink refreshes dull complexions;

Apricot helps erase areas of shadow and minor dark spots, offsetting the color blue to counter dark circles.

Its unique fluid formula is enriched with the Precious Rejuvenating Effect Complex, which is easy to apply and corrects the complexion with a touch of radiance.

How to use: Use your chosen shade to target specific skin tone flaws or apply all three. Pink is ideal for applying to your forehead, along the top of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, the chin and the cupid's bow. Green is meant for application on the cheeks and the wings of the nose. Apricot is meant for use above and below the eyes, or to the lip contour to erase shadowy areas and create the impression of volume.