Ofra Pro Palette

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Shade : 

Soul Palette

Pour yourself into this soulful and glowy mixed face palette. From warm and smokey eyes to beaming highlights, including an all-new and exclusive golden-bronze highlighter, create hypnotizing looks that will last from dusk ‘til Sahara Dawn. Ready to vacay? Take this compact palette with a full-sized mirror that is perfect for travel. 

What's inside: 
Truffle (warm light brown) 
Godiva (rich chocolate brown) 
Bohemian (neutral brown metallic) 
Bliss (champagne rose-gold) 
Gold Rush (golden copper with a metallic finish) 
Essential (rust copper with a metallic finish)  
Bark (neutral brown) 
French Mocha (cool-toned dark brown)
B-29 Coral Crush (bright coral matte) 
Raisin (warm brown with a hint of sheen) 

All of the Lights 10g
Soho 10g
Sahara Dawn 4g 

Banana Powder 4g